Captain’s Devilcruncher

Ortica’s direct testimony:

I still remember the first time i drunk at the first crew party i was at. I was just twelve, and i had joined the crew a couple months before. I was young, i  liked sweet liquor, and i already could drink darko under the table!
-Voice from outside – You wish!
Another voice  – “Was young” what are you now, scamp?

I got my hands on this bottle that looked just like rum and drank half of it. Sweetest thing i ever had! I held tight to it for the whole night.

Second voice – The night, for you lasted ten minutes, then you were out like a light.
Ortica glares at his companions
– I’m telling this story! But the day after.. it had vanished from me hands!
Gord comes on stage, grinning.
-Aye, cos i’d taken it back, little scallywag!
Ortica jumps up and starts defending himself
– I did not know that it was yours! Took me years to know that was your Scassadiavoli! Swear it on all the rum on board!
Voice from outside – Hey! Easy on that!
Gord laughs…

What is scassadiavoli? The liquor that crushed the little devil bears that name in honour of an unsavoury genoan pub famous in the nineties, and was invented (he says by chance) by the captain, mixing some leftovers from bottles of whiskey and rum, plus a special secret ingredient. It is now the official drink of Avventuriera, and we’re starting to sell it, so it will be possible to enjoy it in the confort of one’s own home!
So put here your empty glasses and they will be filled! Scassadiavoli will have you all under the table!
soon for sale.