Oreste’s cookbook

from “la cucina della filibusta, il vero tesoro dei piatti caraibici”
(Freebooter’s cuisine, the real treasure of the caribbean)
Mme melani LeBriss. Ed: Eleuthera

“Pirates? We picture them as growling savages, lapping up putrid water, gnawing on bones and bugs and getting wasted on rum on their fickle ships; such a mistake!”

Where does Oreste, our ship’s cook, get the inspiration for his extraordinary recipes? From this magnificent cookbook, of course!
When the crews of the spanish and english navies were eating hard tack, stale water and unsavoury evening goo, the art of cuisine was rediscovered on the caribbean’s pirate ships.
“As the memories of Father Labat demonstrate. He was a ┬ádominican priest and a pirate, less used to mystical extasy than to sating his curiosity and unending appetite”
I will bring you into the world of piracy through their recipes, their sauces, sweets and cocktails!
Welcome to the pantry!
Oreste! Make ready for dinner!