What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

Ladies and Gentlemen and assorted scum,
you waited enough and the time is come to let you know the fate of our crew, of our story, that is, of our comic and all the world that has built itself around it in these years.

I have, first of all, to thank you all, particularly those who never spared a “like” for every post on this page – i see you reading, i know who you are: and all the others, we’re cool, i know you for lazy layabouts and i love you all for that too. 😉

What will be of us? We made it to the end of the third issue, but we’re far away from the journey’s end… but as i told you more than once, the thing with Ulule may be the last time you can buy our comic, because we’re not going to print again. As you know, i love our comic and i love our story, but i need a pause. Not that i had enough of it: Maybe i have never wanted to draw it more than i do now. It is not that i lost faith in the project either: i have been working on it for six years, and i am 36 this year!
Now, professionally, i need to enrich my portfolio with other drawn stories if i am to have success as a comic writer, and maybe stop publishing just as an independent.
A woman that i have in the highest esteem once called us “the independant literature heros” i told you many times, but you have no idea of the work behind an independant comic, the dedition, the sacrifices…
is it worth it? Always.
But one can not live all one’s life with independant stories, you have to publish something with an editor, maybe not a great one, maybe a small, enthusiastic one (those are my favourites indeed); but somebody who believes in your project and has the means to make it grow, give it the push it needs to be known by that audience we’ll never get to as independants. In short, a professional kick in the ass.
So, i am taking an year’s sabbatical. A year to pursue other projects, maybe start with a Patreon, looking for other editors, and mostly, someone to publish and distribute my Adventures from the 7th Sea. Maybe even find somebody who will draw it with me so to continue it without spending on it all my time and resources.
As you see, there are ideas and there is resolve.
Sadly, and i regret saying, i have to be sincere: i can not be sure that this ship is gonna sail again, not soon at last. As i said, i have no intention to abandon our comic, but if we were to find nothing to help us bring it back, a collaborator, an editor, a distributor, or some shit like that! I fear we will have to strike our sails down and bring the ship into dry dock.
But do not despair men!
Your heros will not abandon you without a fight. If needs be, i will give you our screenplay as a gift.
I have talked enough, my throat is dry and it is too hot to cry, so raise your spirit and your hopes, as long as we’re there, we shall fight, Together!